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Intelligence at your fingertips

Meet the search engine for cybersecurity experts.

When you run a search on PanopticDB, your search term is queried across trillions of data points collected using open source intelligence and proprietary datasets.

Go Beyond WHOIS

Determine who owns an identifier and gain previously imperceptible threat attribution insights.

Threat Correlation

Identify if a domain or IP is known to be malicious and discover other domains and IPs associated with the threat actor.

Robust API

Integrate with your platform or existing infrastructure using our simple yet powerful API. Browse the API documentation.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning combined with analyst insights to provide users with the data necessary to detect anomalies and prevent fraud.

Deep Fingerprinting

Connection-based data analysis and deep fingerprinting provide you with the data to attribute threats that would otherwise go undetected.

Historical Data

View a timeline of every change made to a domain using our historical WHOIS data and threat intelligence dating back to 2013.

Instant answers in one search

Discover & identify threats using only a domain or IP address.

  • Identify and attribute new and existing threat actors
  • Determine if a domain or IP address is being used for malicious activity
  • View a timeline of historical WHOIS and DNS changes
  • Identify operational and threat actor indicators
  • Discover other domains and IP addresses associated with the threat
  • Use discovered relationships to prevent future threats
  • Identify the organization or person who controls the domain or IP
  • Find the entity responsible for hosting the domain for legal process & take-down requests
  • Determine if legal process should be sent or if the hosting provider is a known malicious entity
Machine learning graph

Always updated

Search the latest data in a dynamically evolving threat landscape.

Global DNS and network data are ingested multiple times a day.
Parsed, fingerprinted and analyzed for hidden relationships.
Findings and data are published and made searchable.

Monitor, detect and analyze

Modern solutions to the latest threats.

Whether you're a company, investigator or cyber security professional, PanopticDB provides analysts with the data and resources necessary for threat attribution. The backend complexity of our search engine makes it simple for you to get the information you need about an identifier. Regression analysis and machine learning applied to our extensive datasets enable you to find hidden correlations and unique identifiers that would otherwise be unattainable.

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